5 Tips for an Amazing Outdoor Wedding

There is something special about holding your wedding outside, thanks to the unparalleled beauty of the ocean shore and pleasant breeze. However, as gorgeous as outdoor sites are, a lot of planning and legwork goes into planning an outdoor wedding. From the restroom to the lighting, here are some tips that will help you to plan a great alfresco wedding:

Set up Camp

You can pitch a tent just about anywhere from your favorite park to outside your church. Whether you want a casual or formal look, tents come in different materials, shapes, and sizes. To find out which style works best for your vision, you should work with your local tent rental company.

Whatever you do, make sure that you choose the right tent for the surface you are working with: grass, sand, or pavement. You also need to waterproof your tent if your wedding date falls in the rainy season. For a summer wedding, you should consider renting fans and AC units to keep your guests comfortable in the heat.

If the ground is not level, you should consider adding floor surfaces to correct the unevenness. Remember that even the sturdiest tents cannot withstand fierce winds and heavy rains. If your wedding destination is known for erratic weather, you should have an indoor space as a backup plan.

Rent Extras

Because tents are a blank canvas, you will need some other tools to complete the look. Fortunately, there are tons of rental alternatives such as funky chandeliers, textured curtains, and colorful cushions to style up your tents. Which items are important to you and how can you include them in your current budget without over inflating it?

Make sure that you figure out the return policy for all vendors with whom you work: for instance, some companies ask you to clean glasses before returning them. Make a plan with your wedding planner to choose the person who will be in charge of everything.

Create a Space for Relaxing and Keep Bugs Away

Whether you opt for a small backyard or grassy lawn, you can always make the area more inviting by using furniture. If the space is not enough to fit plush sofas and couches, you can rearrange the dining area with smaller tables and chairs to fit more people. The more things you bring into your tent, the warmer and more inviting it will be.

After you wear your makeup, have a manicure, and don your wedding clothes, you do not want to deal with bugs. To control bugs on your big day, you should ask an exterminator to spray the area two days before the wedding.

Choose Music and Provide the Necessities

If there are no toilets nearby, you need to think about renting them. Nowadays, you can easily find a portable toilet with amenities such as granite countertops, heaters, air conditioning, and in-room music. If you want to give your guests something to talk about, you should consider adding a few extras such as monogrammed towels and luxe soaps.

As a rule of thumb, you should have one stall for every 35 guests, which will mean less time waiting in line and more time having fun.

You need to let the outdoor setting determine your choice in music. When on the beach, you should consider including some steel drums in your entertainment set. Make sure that your DJ or band has enough power to keep the party going.

Your DJ should also be able to tell you what you need to set up before the big day. Moreover, you also need to choose the best spot for the dance floor. Most city regulations do not allow outdoor music at late hours, which means that you should do your research before planning everything.

Prepare for GuestsWedding guests

Outdoor weddings give you the license to get creative with your menu. You can opt for a barbeque, buffet, or clambake, depending on your tastes. Regardless of the food that appears on your menu, you should have plenty of nonalcoholic drinks and water available.

Make sure that you schedule a visit with your caterer to make sure that he is equipped to handle the meals. Moreover, you should provide running water and electricity for cooking. Does the catering company have experience in handling tented events? They need to give you the right supplies to save you the stress of renting them.

The catering company should also have enough employees to serve and take care of your guests properly. In addition, the caterers should be able to set up the tables and clean up the utensils after the ceremony.

To help your guests to see each other and set the right mood, you can bring twinkling lights, paper lanterns, and stately chandeliers into your tents. You should also light up the walkways to make it easier for your guests to see their way to the bathroom. Before lighting up your tent, you should have an electrician check it out first.

Not only should you ensure that the space passes the right inspection laws but the inspector should also recommend an extra generator. To ensure that everything stays in place, you need to hire a professional.

If you are working with a limited budget, you should ask your guests to contribute their services instead of buying presents. According to the owner of Target Wedding Registry – Blueprint Registry, doing so will help you to save.