How Far Can You Go to Get Your Dream Holiday? Up to 45{d7883ecebc22c052d2b8585a4cfb1ccec4d94261a874575fffb18613a1d5d55c} of your Salary?

Most Brits dream of taking the holiday of a lifetime in their most bored and stressful moments, but the only thing holdingmost of them back is finance. Whether you want to go on safari in East Africa or walk the ancient streets of Greece, you’ll need enough money to do everything you want to do, especially if you’re going with a large family.

According to a recent survey, the average Brit’s holiday budget is 45{d7883ecebc22c052d2b8585a4cfb1ccec4d94261a874575fffb18613a1d5d55c} of their salary. That’s equal to about twice (precisely 1.9x) the average weekly income in the UK, minus bonuses. That amounts to an average of £946 per person. Could you save that much for a chance to spend one week in your dream destination?

It would be fantastic to save that money to get your dream holiday, but it isn’t easy to do so. There are numerous expenses to deal witheach month and they can quickly drain your finances. You can save money for a dream holiday and avoid spending more than you can afford by following these tips:

1.    Choose equally attractive alternatives to your dream destination

Instead of heading to the more touristy parts of Spain, consider visiting Galicia. Instead of enjoying an Asian paradise in Thailand, look towards its more affordable neighbour, Cambodia. The most popular holiday destinations have equally attractive alternatives that are just as enticing but are less expensive for the budget holidaymaker. Choose these alternatives to reduce how much you have to budget for your holiday.

Dream Vacation couples2.    Determine how much spending money you’ll need before you jet off

It may cost you more if you try to pay with your card or make cash withdrawals from a cash machine while abroad. Before you leave the UK, be sure to think about how much you’ll need to spend and have it ready by the time you’re leaving. Don’t forget to think of the conversion rates when you’re working it out and consider keeping extra in case there’s an emergency.

3.    Take advantage of rare money-saving travel deals

Be on the lookout for opportunities to save on travel, whether they are seasonal sales or lesser-known money-saving opportunities. For instance, there’s a company that lets people pay only about half of the normal cost for a holiday if they agree to serve as a guide for a blind person who is also visiting the same destination.

Dream Vacation4.    Take the time to plan ahead

There are numerous factors that can affect how much you spend on a holiday. These may include when you book your flight and the timing of the holiday. Flights are cheaper when you book way ahead as opposed to when you book the weekend before, for instance. Likewise, it’s a good idea to avoid travelling in peak season. During peak periods, hotels and just about everything else cost much more.

Splurge on a holiday or keep it conservative, it’s up to you. Either way, have fun!