Islamorada Islands – The Perfect Holiday Destination

With is amazing combination of awesome food, cool island atmosphere and mind blowing fun activities to do, there is just no better place in this world to take a vacation with your wife than the stunning Islamorada islands in Florida.

They are a chain of islands which are highly favored all year round by the warm weather. The locals are friendly, fun and amazing, Laure just loved them. All year round these locals host some diverse and fun activities to keep you and your wife entertained and not forgetting to mention, the attractions are just so marvelous.Islamorada Islands Pelicans

Let me give you a little tip, the best way to navigate the Islamorada islands is by car as the highway is just so smooth and amazing to drive on, it was even named the best driving route in the US. When you choose to travel by car you are able to set the pace of your adventure, experiencing the island’s beauty as you make your way.

I came to notice that each of the islands has its own unique attractions and fun activities to do. For instance, Key largo has the first America’s under water park. Ooh it is also a haven for snorkeling, my wife forced me to go under water with her.

For the people who are afraid to take a dive, do not worry, you will still experience the taste of under water. They have glass bottomed boats and with the clear waters, you are able to have a one in a lifetime view of the under water world.Islamorada Islands palms

Do you love dolphins? I bet you do, everyone does. Swimming with the dolphins is another fun activity in Islamorada. I was amazed that you can get up close and play with these beautiful creatures. There are several places you can get to do this. We went to the theater of marine park, here you can even swim with rays and sea lions.

Islamorada is also known to have a good reputation in sport fishing. Infact it is named as one of the world’s best fishing destination. You may choose to hire a boat and go alone in the open sea or have a guide with you. Having a guide is good, he is going to show you the best fishing spots. And the fish are big too.

When you go further along the Islamorada highway is big pine key, In big pine key, you can book tour of bird watching. Take it from me when i tell you you have never seen anything yet when it comes to birds, this place has some gorgeous ethnic creatures that will just leave you dazed.

Islamorada Islands dockFrom the southern most part of the island, there is a sea tour. You can book a catamaran that takes off from the key west. On this tour, you are able to get a first hand look at the shipwrecks that are nearby and you are even allowed to snorkel. If you are lucky enough, you are going to have a glimpse of the wild marine mammals.

The electric diversity of the islands, the activities and the scene just makes Islamorada, Florida the perfect place for a romantic getaway.