Koh Tao Is For Lovers

Being in love is something we all cherish.
And when you are in love, finding wonderful romantic places is a must for those
full of adventure. Koh Tao, Thailand is an amazing place to visit for romance
and amazing views. We recommend any couple to make their way here. The ocean
views will warm your heart and give you peace of mind, you get to share this
with your loved one.

Our experience in Kho Tao was amazing. My
favourite thing was watching the sunsets while enjoying a romantic dinner and
delicious cocktails. They are colourful and spectacular and always invite a few
kisses. Staying at the View Point Hotel, they have very nice facilities. A wonderful
restaurant and a bar, the people are super friendly and make for a peaceful

Beautiful Koh TaoChristian’s highlight of the trip was
snorkelling. The View Point Hotel is on the beach, with a beautiful place to
snorkel. The beach isn’t huge, so we decided to explore a bit. We were lucky to
find the Sairee beach, and we stayed there until the sun went down. The beach
is big with many restaurants and bars to drink and enjoy the sunshine. The
sunset was so amazing, pink and purple sun set, we swam in the bay. There will
never be anything more romantic than this! After being refreshed, we returned
to the hotel for a delicious curry.

The next day, we decided to explore more of
the inner mainland. We found out from the hotel that we can hire out a Moto.
The prices aren’t too expensive, which is great. We each got one and then we
were off. The wonderful jungles and mountainous ocean views are something to
see. We might have been on our own Moto, but it was fun. We raced each other
with huge smiles on our faces and the wind in our hair.

Koh Tao Beach BoatsThe last thing we did on our last day went
on a boat trip around the island. We got to see many hidden bays and beaches
with drinks in our hands in each other’s arms. We even enjoyed a lunch and
drink at one of the small bays we stopped at. There are many to choose from on
this small island, the options seem endless. Wherever you go in Koh Tao, be
sure there are limitless options and things to try.

We loved this trip. It was simple and not
overly expensive either. With the amazing picture perfect views and jungle
landscapes, it made it fun to explore. This is one of the best romantic
destinations a couple can visit and share an amazing experience.