My stress free honeymoon

Like every other girl, I too had dreams of a perfect honeymoon but the reality I’m gifted with was far from the dreamland. I was diagnosed with cancer a few years back which lead me to give up all my dreams as I thought  ‘this is it, my life has ended now’. But I want every one of us suffering from a medical condition to understand, that dreams are possible, it is never the end and you can fulfill  your dreams when you have a bit of hope in your life.

Speaking from my personal experience, my life completely changed when I met my soul mate which I never I would have imagined, but there is a plan for everybody. He is the perfect guy that I could wish for, and he gifted me with this new attitude towards life. After a few months of dating, we got married and the next thing was supposed to be our honeymoon. At that point of my life, i accepted the fact that my medical condition would hold me back for some things, and travel was one of them, but I was happy enough to have found a man who loves me genuinely. So, both of us dropped the idea of a honeymoon as my doctors didn’t recommend that I travel.

And then another magical thing happened in my life. I came across a website called ““, which provides travel insurance to all those with a pre existing medical condition. They cover a lot many conditions including cancer, diabetes, arthritis etc and provide insurance to everyone who has thrown travel out of their “things to do” list because of the conditions limiting their lives.

HoneymoonThis travel insurance turned out to be everything I needed to ensure a safe and happy trip. My Health decided to go easy on me and no emergency situation popped up during our honeymoon, and  this insurance turned out to be the best way for my husband and family to be relieved while we  traveled. Most of us with such conditions often fear travel because we do not want to fall into a situation that is uncalled for, but with this  insurance I was confident that if in any case where some emergency may pop up, my medical bill will be taken care at a foreign place or if the situation demands my departure from that place will be arranged. From having covered every possible scenario, this is a real gift for people like me and due to this my husband and I had a great time throughout our honeymoon. My dreams finally came true to have that perfect honeymoon I always wanted.

Signing up was easy, They cover many conditions and it is simple to find out what insurance you should be buying. I just answered some questions related to my medical condition and when done they provided me with my quote and they will take care of the rest.

All in all, this is a great way to ensure that your health is in intact especially for people with a pre-existing medical condition.