Our Romantic Escape To The Maldives

When I and Laure first visited the amazing lands of Maldives, we were absolutely astonished to witness how fragile and challenging life is for the local people who have to live with very limited resources most of them coming from the sea. Maldives is so different to the rest of the world we discovered we had no idea up until we personally felt its real connection with nature.
It was easy and quick to make new friends who were working with everything they had to make this impossible location their home. There are also some of the world’s most luxurious hotels located in Maldives which makes it very difficult for the traveller to choose between the lavish holiday or exploring the local culture and we could not choose so we went there more than once because you just can’t get enough of the place.
Maldives LocalsWe both love exploring the rich cultures of the places we visit so, first of all, we decided to stay with the local population and spend our time learning new cultures because the resorts with all the butlers and in house massages are not going anywhere. A few years ago it would not have been possible to make camp with the locals as the tourists were required to stay at the resorts away from the local people but after they opened their arms for independent travellers and cultural enthusiasts just like us. We had a good time with the locals, we sang songs at the night in front of a bonfire learned a few new dance moves. We also travelled from island to island with the people in the local ferry and it was like we were on another planet.
Maldives honeymoonThen we decided to book a resort so we don’t miss out on any of the materialistic things (just kidding). We booked us a room at the Taj Exotica Resort and Spa and let me tell you, it was one of the most luxurious places on earth. The resort was just 15 minutes away from the capital and every single room had beach access. Goes to say that we booked the room with a private pool and a tropical outdoor shower and I can only say so much how much romance would have happened under the stars in the middle of the ocean sipping champagne in the pool, it was nothing short of paradise.
I would personally suggest that if you have not been to the Maldives, you need to go there at some point of your life, you need to experience what it is like to feel the stars gazing upon you the waves crashing and a massage at such a place is the ultimate experience you can ask for.