Quebec, an incredible “ville d’amour”

As Mister Leonard Cohen would say, “you live your life as if it’s real / A thousand kisses deep”, we felt so deeply in love with our romantic getaway in Quebec that we simply couldn’t resist this fairy tale city of love and what it had to offer.

Quebec summerOnce we got a sense of the awesome Quebec vibe and walked hand in hand along the enchanting streets of the Old Quebec (yes, a UNESCO world heritage treasure), it was an amazing feeling of love and lust that came floating over our heads. It was the perfect destination for our romantic desire to reconnect. The European style of the boutiques and restaurants fitted amazingly with what we wanted to do: have a long glass of great wine at the French restaurant Les Sales Gosses, taste some chocolate at the Chocolate Museum, walk along the many boutiques and indulge in the desires of our senses. The Old Quebec district was built on the foundations of the 17th-century architecture next to an old port area, and the old buildings were a lavishing imagery while walking alongside the historical streets.

A quiet, romantic lunch at The Plains of Abraham is a must! This valuable area in the BattleFields Park filled with history is an amazing place to take some bistro snacks and a bottle of wine and have romantic conversations with your partner about life and such. At least, this is what we enjoyed doing in a late lazy Sunday afternoon.

After that, we went on to see Quebec in all its glory from the Observatoire de la Capitale, which is one very high point overlooking the city, the Marie-Guyart Building at its 31st floor. That is a 250 metres high view of Quebec and all the bits and pieces that make it such a wonderful city.

QuebecOf course, we floated along the St Lawrence river with the cute Quebec-Levis ferry to catch the most beautiful sunset available on Earth at that time, at least for us while we were kissing.

In the Quartier Petit Champlain we spent an entire day, just walking along the narrow streets. We had a very tasty crepes breakfast in one of the many bistros available, we entered most of the vintage boutiques and got ourselves some great loving gifts, enjoyed the view of the magical buildings, had a late dinner at a Wine & Cheese restaurant, and ended up at a jazz concert which matched perfectly with the entire Quebec experience.