Top road trip honeymoons

You have just completed the finishing touches on that fairy tale wedding that you have wished for since childhood. Just as you relish planning the perfect wedding,thoughts of honeymoon destinations soon envelope and consume you. You could take a week-long cruise to some unknown, undeveloped isle, or you could also keep it simple. One way to keep it simple is to plan a romantic road trip honeymoon.

Taking a road trip honeymoon has so many advantages. For one, this type of honeymoon gives the couple the freedom to explore together. Couples can choose a comfy bed and breakfast for a cozy, ambient atmosphere, or they can go with the standard hotel. Couples get to choose the duration of their stay, where they eat, and the places that they visit. The unpredictability of road tripping adds to this allure as a honeymoon, as activities and the places in which you stay can be decided at a moment’s notice. Finally, the trip will give newlyweds quality time to spend in deep conversation or to spend in quiet splendor in the company of the one to whom they have devoted themselves for life. More than anything else, a road trip honeymoon is a cost-effective alternative that allows couples to spend the money that they would have spent on an expensive trip on a car from any auto loan company in Canada, or even better yet, a down payment on a comfortable home.

Places to go and sites to see

Because these types of trips are impulsive pleasures that can take a couple anywhere that they want to go, couples have so many options.

Carmel By The SeaRoad trips by the sea

If looking for a scenic trip that includes driving by the sea, US Highway 1 in California will give honeymooners a breathtaking view of the ocean. In California, the almost 300-mile stretch wrapping around Carmel-by-the-Sea gives sightseers a panoramic view of the ocean, in addition to its redwoods and sea lion population. While traveling, newlyweds can hike the Limekiln State Park, and afterward get a hearty sandwich from Big Sur’s Bakery. At the end of the day, tired sightseers can seek respite at the Belmond El Encanto.

In Florida, the Overseas Highway,beginning in Key West and ending in Miami, offers road trippers many diversions. Honeymooners can begin their romantic interlude in Key West by snorkeling or diving in this paradise, which opens up into a breathtaking view of sea life. For those day trippers interested in the history and culture of Key West, they can tour famous author Ernest Hemingway’s home. After a day of frolicking in the water, visitors can frequent anyone of the watering holes or eating establishments that make up the Keys.

Road trips through the country and over the woods

Couples who happen to love wine and wine tasting can spend their honeymoon touring the various wineries in both California and Canada. In Canada, adventurers can begin the 1,442km trek starting in Montreal. Couples can explore the region before heading into Richelieu Valley where they can make their way through Quebec’s wine route near the US border and enjoy tasting and talking about wine. At the end of the day, couples can treat themselves to a gourmet meal at any one of the establishments making up Eastern Township.

Richelieu ValleyThose living closer to the West Coast of the continent can travel on State Route 29 into Southern Napa visiting the Silverado Trail to experience wine tasting, and if this is not enough, adventurers can travel further south on Highway 101 to partake of wine tasting in Sonoma Valley. August through October is the best time to travel to experience the most ambient weather.

Tips for honeymoon road trips

While the whole idea of taking this type of trip is to enjoy the spontaneity that goes along with last-minute planning, travelers should make a flexible agenda of must-see places. Of course, this planning includes a budget. More importantly, plan to stay in fabulous places, eat sumptuous meals, and bring home memories and stories to share with family and friends of the remarkable honeymoon that you and your spouse experienced.

Road tripping, in and of itself, is an adventure. However, a road trip honeymoon heralds in, and is symbolic of, the journey that many newlyweds face upon beginning their married lives together. The trip can be a scenic, breathtaking trip ending in a quiet, cozy evening together, or it can be a week-long extravaganza of activities ending in anyone of the frequented hot spots of the places visited – it is pretty much up to you and your spouse.