Venice Italy romantic treat

Venice had been on our to-go list since the early days together, i remember me and Laure spending hours on making lists of things we should and should not do, where we want to go together, things that we want try together and so on. But for years now, we hadn’t had the chance to do, last month we finally did it, after months of saving up money for the big trip. I have been to Venice Italy once, but i was still in my mother’s womb, she actually didn’t know it at the time when she and Dad traveled to Italy, both being travel enthusiasts, more than i will ever be actually.

Waterways VeniceLaure had her own reasons why she wanted to go to Venice, but for her two things are a must do in Italy, first the food, than the caf├ęs. She had been salivating over Italian Parmesan Pasta, and Italian bakery, more actually at the warmth surrounding these two experiences, with restaurants really crowded, a lot of outdoor space, friendliness and warmth of Italian people, their openhearted attitude, how they appreciate love and romance.Goldola Venice The first two days in Venice, we used to go to fancy restaurants filled with tourists, but then Laure specially was fed up with the staged touristic culture these places had, then on the third night, on one of our night calm quiet walks, we discovered a bacaro, as Italians calls, a place filled with locals, and very cheap as well. It gives you a more authentic experience.

But when it comes it me, Venice is a historical place, full of monuments, medieval churches and a beautiful labyrinth of alleyways and canals. They make Venice a unique destination, the architecture and personality of its buildings are something we have lost in the modern world where cities across the globe are becoming more and more to look alike.

One of the most beautiful and romantic evenings we had was when we went to Musica A Palazzo, an opera house close to the Grand Canal we discovered through other tourists we talked to randomly, it is in a beautiful fading palazzo down a blind alley. The music was grand, but the interesting thing was the intimacy of the setting, with less than a hundred people in the audience, it was like a gala in a secret club society.Venice Fog

Yet, what me and Laure loved most was the morning quiet walks in the squares and down the alleyways, so quiet and peaceful, sometimes we took a boat, plus the charming sound of birds, other times these walks were around sunset which made them more special. I and Laure believe that Venice is the most special destination we ever visited.