Wedding car rental : 7 Tips For Brides

One of the most anticipated events in one’s life is their wedding. Those precious moments full of glamour and romance that will be forever cherished. Everyone always remembers a good wedding, therefore all of the small details that make a wedding perfect should be taken into consideration. One of these details is the transportation of the guests and most importantly the newlyweds.

When handling your transportation there are a few things to keep in mind so as to ensure that you get the most out of your wedding car rental. Couples should consider within the general theme, the possibility of making the transport a special part of the wedding, and to take a few moments to spend with those closest to you who helped bring this special occasion together, and with this there is the option of a party bus rental. Those few moments that you were able to set aside, will be among your most cherished memories.

bar in limoThis is a general overview of what to look for while making your decision for this important day:

· Budget. The price of the car rental service is clearly a determining factor. Based on their size of the size of the pocket, couples should compare different prices and choose the one that meets their need and of course the budget.
· Reputation. The portfolio can determine the company’s ability to handle themselves properly. Also be sure that they have had no complaints about being on time. Bridal couples should opt for a company with a good record in both respects.
· Time. This is the duration that the rented vehicle will be used. The time spent from the moment the vehicle arrives until it leaves should be determined. Please keep in mind the possibility of your friends having a bit too much to drink, so maybe have your driver stick around a bit longer to give those in need a lift home.

party limo rental torontoMany questions can arise while choosing the best car while still trying to achieve a spectacular wedding. To help brides dissolve their worries, here are 7 tips that can help:

  • Move the obvious limo wedding car cliché. There several options to consider and one should not settle for the usual car in which most people expect. Instead, choose something unique that catches the eye but still maintains the theme of your wedding.
  • Consider other people involved in the wedding. The bridal party, for example, should be considered while making the arrangements for transportation. This can save time if maybe the venue of the wedding is far from the reception or even the place of preparation. Since the bridal party can be huge, think about party bus rental. A bigger car can accommodate a large number of people. The bride can use a small car and also other important people like the parents or close relatives. Make sure to use the car only when it’s needed so as to prevent wastage and cut down the cost.
  • Ensure the guests attending the wedding are not stranded. Guests especially those who are living outside town should be considered. Arrangements should be made to ensure they arrive safely at their respective hotels when the wedding is over.
  • Add additional time as an allowance for every trip. On a wedding trip, it is wise to make a time allowance for every trip as you may never know what might happen on a specific day. Sometimes people visiting maybe fascinated by a new town or a traffic jam can occur on the day of the wedding. You can always do a feasibility of the routes by driving around prior to the wedding. A realistic estimate can be achieved. Usually, it’s wise to give something like 20 minutes as the allowance for extra time. Plan for alternative routes in advance.
  • Make the reservation in person. You should make bookings personally so as to avoid last minute confusion. Inquiries can be done via phone or maybe online, however, it’s wise to see the car yourself. Make sure you read and understand the contract before signing.
  • Confirm if you can bring your own music playlists. You can carry a CD or a flash with your own playlist. This can set you in the mood as you will be listening to the songs you like. You can also make a playlist for your guest to get their groove on.
  • Inquire about the decoration of the car. Many companies can be rigid in the decoration of their rental cars. Ask about how they decorate their cars so as to check if it matches what you had in mind. Classical getaway bridal cars are always admirable.


Planning for a wedding car rental service should start early so as to make any adjustments on time. It should not be done as a last minute rush as this may result in unsatisfactory results.