Why You Should Visit the Baltic Countries Once In Your Lifetime

Have you ever thought about going on a vacation somewhere in the north? You may think there is no place for relaxation in the north because you’re familiar there is no tropical islands, beaches, and ocean. If you love to learn and blend into a new culture and see the beautiful style of building construction while you enjoy delicious food, then the Baltic countries should be placed high on your bucket list.

Baltic States or Baltic countries are the region placed in the northeast part of Europe containing three countries – Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. The region got the name by the Baltic Sea that is surrounding the states from east and west. The three republics were under the Soviet regime during the World War 2 and became independent in the 90s.

Each of three countries is full of history, tradition, great food, happy people and many fun things to do. If the time for vacation is near, keep reading the article and it won’t be odd that the Baltic States find the way to your vacation schedule.

I will provide you with the list of 5 things you should do in the Baltic States.Vilnius

  1. Vilnius

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania that located in the southeast part of the country. The city is well-known for its baroque architecture. If you love just to explore the city and wonder, Vilnius has the beautiful medieval Old Town which attracts millions of tourists per year. There is so many things to do and attractions to see in Vilnius, but the number one place should be a Gediminas Castle which is located at a walking distance from the Old Town. You can find the Castle is located on the top of the hill and visitors can enjoy amazing sunsets over the city.Tallinn

  1. Tallinn

The capital of Estonia is placed right on the Baltic Sea, and it’s the largest city in the country. The medieval Old Town is the perfect for a night walk. Tallinn has an interesting historical background, so it isn’t a strange thing to see few museums on a single street. Many traditional restaurants and bars are located in the Old Town so that the food lovers will enjoy the city. If you’re looking for fun, the night life in Tallinn is just great and offers many options for everyone’s taste. There is an interesting fact that the city is only 3 hours from Scandinavian countries if you take the ferry.Riga

  1. Riga

Riga is the capital and the cultural center of the third country from the Baltic States, Latvia. The city has the old and the new part packed with many exciting things to do. The Old Town offers the fantastic views of medieval and Art Nouveau architecture as well as many museums and parks for relaxation. If you’re looking for a decent nightlife, you won’t be disappointed as the old part of the city is packed with the clubs and bars that will satisfy everyone’s needs. Riga is especially attractive to photographers around the world as it’s home to detailed buildings and stunning views.

  1. Food

The Baltic States offers a variety of food options because of western and eastern influence during the history. German cuisine mainly influences Lithuania, so the majority of traditional dishes include pork and potato prepared in different ways using seasoning from the gardens the people maintain to support their families. Latvia has a cuisine focused more on the seafood as the majority of the population is living on the sea. The traditional food is very healthy as it’s prepared with mushrooms, wheat, onions, cabbage, eggs, etc. Estonian people traditionally have fish, bread and dairy products in their cuisine. You should try The Kama, the Estonian traditional flour mixture which is very delicious and goes well with many dishes. If you’re traveling to the Baltic States from the western countries, you will find the food very affordable and healthy even in the fancy restaurants.Trakai Island

5.Trakai Island Castle

The Baltic States are full of castles, and history lovers will fall in love with each of three states. Trakai castle is located in Lithuania on the GalveLake offering tremendous views for thousands of tourists each year. It’s easily accessible from Vilnius by train or car, and the ride is around 30 minutes long. When you’re done with exploring the cities, going to the Trakai Island Castle will be a pure relaxation. The only advice is to try to visit the castle outside the rush hours if you want to avoid the crowds.

Now you’re familiar with the five reasons why should you visit the Baltic States in your lifetime. Have you already traveled to Baltic countries and what is your experience? We would love to read about your time in the Baltic States so feel free to share it in the comment section.


About the Author: This article was written by Antonio Gabric, savvy travel blogger atasabbatical.com , a personal travel blog of Adrian Sameli. To connect with Antonio, follow him on Facebook.