Dealing with Wedding Prep Stress

Photo by Micheile Henderson from Unsplash

Planning a wedding is a lot of work, stress, and maybe even tears. There are so many decisions that have to be made. Where will the reception be held? How many guests should be invited? What foods will we serve? What songs should we dance to? Wedding planning can be fun, especially when you get to go cake testing or are trying on different wedding dresses, but if you find yourself overwhelmed by all the planning, here are a few ways to deal with that wedding prep stress.

1) Delegate

The easiest way to make wedding prep less stressful is reducing what you have to plan. Decide what things you know you want and what things you don’t have much of an opinion on. If you don’t have a huge opinion about something, delegate it out. Bridesmaids, mothers, and wedding planners are there to support you and help you out. So let them! Give them a few things to be responsible for and stop worrying about it.

2) Workout

Working out can be a great way to reduce stress. Exercise releases endorphins which boost our mood. Plus working out can help your body be in its best shape for the wedding day. However, don’t stress about shrinking two dresses sizes for the wedding. It’s not important to lose weight for your wedding day. Remember, your fiance fell in love with you and how you look exactly as you are right now. So find a fun exercise class, bring along a friend, and sweat off that stress.

3) Spa Day

I recommend treating yourself to a spa day the week of your wedding. Most women choose to get a mani-pedi for their wedding, so why not throw in a massage and facial while you’re at it? A massage will help you physically relax and release all the stress and tension that is being carried in your muscles. A facial will help you get that glowing skin everyone wants in their wedding pictures. And the mani-pedi will help your nails look perfect.

4) Talk with Friends

One of the best ways to handle stressful moments in life is by talking with friends. A vent session where you can freely talk about all your frustrations can help clear your mind of stress. Plus half the time you’ll end up laughing at the end as you realize that types of flowers really should not cause one person so much stress.

5) Enjoy Time with Your Fiance

Wedding planning tends to fall mostly on the bride, and because of this, you may find yourself spending more time wedding planning than being with your fiance. Don’t let yourself do that! The wedding is to celebrate the wonderful relationship and love you have with your fiance so don’t forget to give them the proper attention they deserve before the wedding. Plus, spending time with your fiance can help you relax. Look up some fun date ideas and enjoy a night out together (and make a rule to not worry about wedding planning while you are out having fun).