Plan Your Winter Vacations To Dubai for Cheap

I was talking to my boyfriend the other day about what kind of vacation we can have this year. Sure, we could go head to somewhere where we can take advantage of winter weather and do some skiing or snowboarding. But we’ve already done that so many times, and I am a much bigger fan of warm weather. Then the thought struck me – how about going to Dubai for a romantic winter vacation? My boyfriend thought that this would be an amazing idea, but piped in ” isn’t Dubai for rich couples?” We’ve heard so much about how great Dubai is for couples to visit and you can’t beat those temperatures in the winter! As we normally don’t like to spend too much time in the cold, so this would be a great escape.

But we are also on a budget, so let’s take you through some of the top ways that you can plan your winter vacations to Dubai for cheap, just like us! We have some great methods that we used to plan our Dubai winter getaway, that can work great for you too.

Romantic DubaiCheap Flights to Dubai
Whether you’re looking for cheap flights to Dubai from Europe or anywhere else in the world, there are ways to get around those expensive flights. Especially when you are planning a romantic trip, flights can get pretty expensive. My boyfriend and I are on a tight budget, so this is where we were able to save a lot of money – money that we could spend on more romantic outings in the city!

We found cheap flights by, first of all, looking early. If you check weeks before your potential vacation dates, you are going to find out that flights can be super cheap. Definitely, don’t wait until closer to the date as you may end up paying thousands of dollars and won’t have any money for your trip, or that nice dinner that you planned on the beach  😉 ! Sometimes it pays just to check back often and refresh your search results, as prices do jump around.

Burj Khalifa DubaiWhat Attractions to See
When I was talking with my boyfriend about planning our trip to Dubai, he wanted to do everything and anything that just seemed to push us over our budget. However, me being the travel expert that I am, was able to talk him out of that. There are plenty of things in Dubai that wouldn’t break our budget. Even though Dubai is known for shopping, spending, and glitz that doesn’t have to be what our trip would be about!

Of course, we got to go up to the top of the Burj Khalifa – the tallest skyscraper in the world and one of the top 20 attractions in Dubai. We figured if we didn’t do this while in Dubai, then we’re pretty silly! And what could be more romantic than going up high in the clouds and maybe sharing a kiss or two as we stare down at the world from so high above?

We also decided to head over to the Dubai Mall Aquarium. It doesn’t cost that much for admission and the place is amazing. This and the Underwater Zoo are some of the best attractions in Dubai!

I love DubaiDubai is a place for all kinds of people – but it’s perfect for couples looking for a romantic getaway. So what about you?