Keep The Romance Alive By Staying Healthy And Fit

Any couple fear that someday the flames of love would fade away or their attraction towards each other diminishes as they age, but this does not have to be the case. For us we have always put our health and well being as our top priority, simply because we want to continue traveling the world, having romantic camping trips, and keeping the passion in the bedroom at its peak. The answer to any couple’s question about aging and how to maintain youth usually hints at keeping a good diet, exercising regularly and always trying new things with your partner.

For example, we always try to stay fit and healthy so we can continue our travels and if there is anything new that we would like to try, then we could be able to at any time. Listening to our bodies is a good start, but sometimes our bodies can’t really tell us what’s wrong all the time until the condition gets worse, especially if you are training regularly and exercising like we do. In this post we will show you some simple, yet effective tips that will help guide towards a healthier lifestyle and keep that flame of love and passion roaring.

• Regular body checkups: Aging is just part of life and no one can avoid that, however, aging gracefully and keeping your health in check is possible. We are not talking about the regular annual health checks at your trusty family doctor, we are talking about thorough medical checkups with full body scans that can help you identify a problem early on. When it comes to full body scans, we can’t recommend DEXA Scan enough. Not only does it provide a lot of details regarding fat percentage and bone density, but can also help identify any potential problems with other organs. DEXA scans are very helpful when it comes to weight loss planning as well as keeping our skeleton in check.

A healthy Diet• A good diet for a longevity: We recommend that you avoid any of the fad diets and just stick to home cooked, green rich meals. With the proper diet, you will feel your mood getting better, weight is lost easily and in a healthy manner and proper daily vitamin intake helps keep those energy levels up high. There is no point in skipping certain food groups, but if you have to, then make sure you get those vitamins and minerals from an alternative source. Keep testosterone, and other hormone levels in check doesn’t just mean a healthier lifestyle, but also means that those romantic weekend bedroom hangouts keep their heat! Good diet, means good sex, it’s as simple as that.

Staying Fit• Exercise and couple outdoor activities: Nothing beats a weekend hike with your loved one that ends with a nice healthy home cooked meal and a cuddling session in front of the TV. We enjoy those outdoor activities as much as the regular workout session, but in that case, we get to see and experience new things together, not to mention the laughs and stories we go back home with. If you are busy, try to do any form of exercise, even if it’s just walking an extra couple of blocks on the way home, because the older we get the slower we become, but by keeping our bodies active, we can make sure that we are still up for that diving trip when we get older.

There are many other things that you can do to stay in shape, healthy and happy, however, we found that the most important thing is to keep motivating each other and to always work on experiencing new things as couple which in its turn will help you maintain a stress-free and a youthful life.