Why Kyoto, Japan Is Truly The Lovers Paradise

We had always wanted some fascinating locations that could help us rekindle our romance and fall in love all over again. Laura and I had both decided to choose a city where we could enjoy varieties of fun-filled activities and thrilling sceneries.

While I wanted places with awesome outdoor event options and a unique nightlife, Laura, on the other hand, preferred venues with nice romantic vibes and cultural uniqueness

Why Kyoto?

After sifting through lots of great cities, we settled for Kyoto, Japan. Asides being one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, Kyoto has a unique blend of rich ancient history, culture, and natural beauty.

The Silver PavilionWhen we arrived

Our guide, Yoichoro was awesome. He was very accommodating and was never tired of Laura’s inquisitiveness. Ginkaku-Ji [The Silver Pavilion] was the first place we visited. We had some photo-shoots before the guide showed us around the city. A little before noon, we settled down for a breakfast with a taste and aroma that was second to none. Yes, it was the usual omelet, bacon, toast bread and fruit juice, but it was just different and pleasant.

What we saw

We were not in any way disappointed. We toured on bikes through the narrow roads of Kyoto. From the historic Togetsukyo Bridge [also called the Moon Crossing Bridge] popular for its romantic beauty to the Sagano Romantic Railway, the experience in Kyoto was indeed romantic for us. While on the train, we saw the breath-taking views through the Arishiyama-Sagano area of Kyoto.

Togetsukyo KyotoThat was not all! I never knew Laura loved bamboo till we arrived at the Sagano Bamboo Forest. We took several pictures and selfies in this amazing atmosphere. It was crowded but that only added to the fun.

While we were still in the bamboo forest, we visited the Nonomiya Shrine, the romantic Shinto Shrine of the Japanese god of matchmaking. What else could have been more magical!

What we felt

The experience we had while taking evening strolls in Hanami-Koji Street cannot be fully expressed in words. The peak was when we were at the Shirakawa Street, which is one of the most fascinating beautifully adorned streets.

We made sure we visited Kamo River too. It had always been an age-long dating spot remarkable for its serenity and the well-illuminated ambiance.

My Thoughts

Ah! And when we were dressed as Samurai, I couldn’t believe it was me. Laura had on the kimono hairdo, made by a very skilled stylist.

Alas, we were not in any way disappointed. We had an unforgettable stay. This has been our best so far! Kyoto is indeed a lover’s paradise. Every season is unique. We visited during the summer and we were enthralled by the sights inviting colors of arrays of gardens, forests and garden.