How to plan your trip in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is a welcoming, romantic and wonderful city. His biggest flaw, unfortunately, is to be extremely expensive. Amsterdam is the favorite destination for a traveller who want to get an unique experience: a country where the rules differ greatly from those of other nations.

In fact, in Holland, some light drugs and prostitution have been legalized for many years; especially for these reasons, there are many young people who go there at any time of the year to have fun. However, such an experience can entail some risks, especially if the current rules are not well known. So, before leaving, it is good to inquire about everything you need to know about the places where you plan to visit.

The atmosphere of Amsterdam is fabulous: a village-like town with tree-lined canals, art museums and a strong culture of caf├ęs, is something to be experienced over several days. Life in Amsterdam is expensive but it is possible to get there with a lot of low cost plane as Easyjet, Transavia and Vueling: most convenient way to reach Amsterdam from all countries. The city has only one airport, Amsterdam Schiphol, that is about 15 kilometers from the city center. The train is the most functional way to get there, otherwise it is possible to choose a low cost airport taxi transfer as for example

Amsterdam reflectionThe airport station is located on the lower floor, accessible from Schiphol Plaza: the subway in Amsterdam consists of four lines and travels for most of the sections on the surface. Only in the historical center is underground. The tram, on the other hand, covers the entire center of Amsterdam in a capillary way and due to its strong presence throughout the territory is the most convenient way to get around the city.

First of all when you are in Amsterdam, you should get a panoramic tour: it is possible to move around by bike: the cycle paths make this a safe, easy and direct way. Bike rental is possible especially near the main attractions of the city at a good price. All local people use to move around by bike. A boat ride on the canal is another good way to get around on the first day, to get an idea of the city.

Amsterdam canal at nightIf you are a lover of art, then in Amsterdam there are many Cathedral and Museums: the Oude Kirk, the cathedral, as well as the oldest church in Amsterdam, located in the red light district, and which also hosts art and photography exhibitions.

The Rijksmuseum National Museum and the Van Gogh Museum are the most famous museums in the city: both are located near the Museumplein, a beautiful outdoor park where ice skating is possible in winter.