Why Kyoto, Japan Is Truly The Lovers Paradise

We had always wanted some fascinating locations that could help us rekindle our romance and fall in love all over again. Laura and I had both decided to choose a city where we could enjoy varieties of fun-filled activities and thrilling sceneries. While I wanted places with awesome outdoor event options and a unique nightlife,Read More

St. Moritz

Our St. Moritz Getaway

Christian and I love to visit different places and get the full experience. Recently we went to St. Moritz, Switzerland and thoroughly enjoyed it together and honestly fell in love all over again. For our most relaxing and comfortable moments, it started at the amazing Suvretta House. Our room was literally breath taking, with aRead More

Santorini honeymoon view

Our romantic getaway to Santorini, Greece

Laure always liked South and Southeastern Europe, especially Greece and Italy. She surprised me with a romantic getaway to Santorini, Greece two months ago. I’ve been to Athens several years ago for business, but Santorini left me speechless. As usually, we went sightseeing the first day. Both Laure and I like spending the first dayRead More

Koh Tao Bungalo

Koh Tao Is For Lovers

Being in love is something we all cherish. And when you are in love, finding wonderful romantic places is a must for those full of adventure. Koh Tao, Thailand is an amazing place to visit for romance and amazing views. We recommend any couple to make their way here. The ocean views will warm yourRead More

Islamorada Islands Sunset

Islamorada Islands – The Perfect Holiday Destination

With is amazing combination of awesome food, cool island atmosphere and mind blowing fun activities to do, there is just no better place in this world to take a vacation with your wife than the stunning Islamorada islands in Florida. They are a chain of islands which are highly favored all year round by theRead More

Maldives romance

Our Romantic Escape To The Maldives

When I and Laure first visited the amazing lands of Maldives, we were absolutely astonished to witness how fragile and challenging life is for the local people who have to live with very limited resources most of them coming from the sea. Maldives is so different to the rest of the world we discovered weRead More

Romantic venice

Venice Italy romantic treat

Venice had been on our to-go list since the early days together, i remember me and Laure spending hours on making lists of things we should and should not do, where we want to go together, things that we want try together and so on. But for years now, we hadn’t had the chance toRead More

Udaipur Rajasthan Romantic Palace

Our Romantic Getaway in Udaipu Rajasthan India

For our anniversary this year, Christian surprised me with a romantic getaway. He chose Udaipur Rajasthan India. At first, I did not know much about the place itself, but he promised it would be an unforgettable experience. I decided not to google it. I wanted it to be a total surprise. Also, I trusted Christian’sRead More

Convent Granada

A Romantic Honeymoon in Granada Spain

Choosing somewhere beautiful and romantic for a honeymoon can be very difficult. Since our wedding was in the Spring, we had to find a destination that was perfect for that time of year. We wanted somewhere warm, with a lot of history and culture, beautiful hotels, fabulous restaurants and lots of things for us toRead More