Top 12 Honeymoon Destinations

After many years of traveling together, Laure and I wanted to do a post about “The Top Ten Honeymoon Destinations” Well after a long conversation we could not squeeze it down to 10 so here are the best 12 destinations we visited together as a couple, or in other words, the most romantic places where love is the theme and style of life, or where you can as lovers go to celebrate your honeymoon, relationship/marriage anniversary or for special romantic refuge treats. The destinations are not listed in an order depending on merit or anything, just randomly.Santorini honeymoon view

The Greek island of Santorini was our first destination as a couple, which makes it special, but also it is amongst the best destination we have ever visited together. I remember that we didn’t have much money at the time, and had so much to figure out in terms of the relationship, but after the trip finished, we both felt changed. Santorini is where you go to deepen your love, with all its open air cinemas, wine tasting, and the beautiful archaeological excavation. Yet, what me and Laure loved the most is surely the stunning restaurants overlooking the Caldera, and the sunsets, oh my god, will make you want minutes to feel like hours.

Maldives romanceNext up, the Maldives was also one the most romantic destination we visited, it was heaven on earth. It was one of those breaks to celebrate our love, but yet in the Maldives there was just too much to do. By day, we had a schedule full of romance, for instance we would take breakfast by the beach, or on a private boat sometimes, take dinner by the Bioluminescent beach, or lay in the sand to enjoy the starry nights of Malé.

Kauai honeymoon paradiseSearch for love, and in Kauai you shall find. This is by far, Laure’s favorite romantic destinations. Laure is a lover of traditional and local stuff, an explorer of ways people love differently. Hanapepe art town was the first on our to do list, both of us lovers of art, music and culture, we were amazed to see up-close and in great details all the locally made art and jewelries, the music was sublime too, but our favorite activity there was the Friday evening gatherings around music, art and creativity, a night of socialization and entertainment. Plus, all the natural landscapes Kauai has with the blueness of the beaches, greenness of trees in the Ho’opi’i falls or Koke’s state park.

St. MoritzWith St. Moritz typical European architecture and customs, it was a destination that met our expectation of European soul of romance. It was winter when we went to Switzerland, seeking both cold weather and warm romance. Chocolate is a way to show love, and in St. Moritz chocolate is presented in different shades of romance. We also enjoyed the carriage rides around town, the evening snowy walks with lights everywhere and the beautiful architecture of churches and houses.

Venice DesignItaly was one of the destinations we wanted to visit together, me and Laure, since we first started going out. Venice is the best place for couples to just mingle with locals, and enjoy a simple way of living. we loved the cafés and the public squares. but our favorite thing there was the Opera house.

Paris Romantic view of the cityIf you do not know already, Laure loves cinema, not any cinema but the French cinema. We had our own midnight in Paris, getting lost in the city, we locked our love in the bridge of lovers. We ate Baguettes, and watched a lot of movies, although we didn’t understand the chats following movie projections, we enjoyed the way French people talk about films and their passion.

Convent GranadaIn Spain, we had a different approach to romance, after reading so much Hemingway you just fall for the locals. And what we expected was truly there in reality, locals are amongst the nicest people we have ever met, love is highly appreciated in the Spanish culture and the traditions surrounding this appreciation are so romantic, like how bullfighting can turn from a very violent activity to a romantic journey couples go through.

Udaipur RajasthanUdaipur in India was one of the best destinations we have visited together, yet it is so underrated. It is the Venice of India and the east. It has a history rich of culture, and heritage.

Quebec cityThe world heritage treasure or in other words Québec city is indeed a miraculous place to seek and find love. The weather is beautiful, and the city is beautiful, but still what wanted more is the Xavier Dolan representation of the city as a city in the process of modernization. What attracted us there the most are the promenades, the sexiness of the accent, and all the outdoor events taking place from time to time.

Koh Tao BungaloThe last three destinations on our list are, first of all Koh Tao, Thailand where we loved the resorts beautiful, amazing staff everywhere, a little turn on off there was the food, but it didn’t spoil our stay there we did manage it. Second of all, in Islamorada Florida we explored the world in the ocean really up close, we discovered the submarine, we swam with dolphins and in the reefs. It was a splendid site to visit.

Islamorada Islands SunsetLast destination on our list is Kyoto, Japan, the last place we visited together actually. A very charming city or rose in a growing industrial country like Japan. We were lucky enough to make it there by Spring, the natural landscape is so colorful by spring. In fact, i had never seen those trees anywhere in the world, so beautiful.